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What is HPFPC ?

  1. Purpose (in Japanese)
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  3. History
    1. General meeting for foundation
    2. HiWEP2002
    3. 2nd general meeting (minutes)
    4. exhibit at ICNSP&APPTC Conference (2005)
    5. HiWEP2005
    6. 3rd general meeting (minutes)
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What is HPF ?

HPF (High Performance Fortran) is a parallel language that is an extension of Fortran. All that users of HPF need do to parallelize their programs is to specify the data layout with some simple directives, and the remaining tasks, communication generation and computation partitioning, are handled automatically by the compiler.

The HPF language specification was discussed by HPFF (High Performance Fortran Forum), which is a coalision of industrial and academic groups of USA, and the HPF 1.0 language specification was established in 1993. In 1997, to fix ambiguous specifications and provide advanced extensions, the specification of HPF 2.0 and approved extensions were released. In 1999, Japan Association of High Performance Fortran (JAHPF), which is the forerunner of HPFPC, defined the specification of the HPF/JA 1.0 extensions to make HPF more useful.

HPF has the following features:



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